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Marco Simoncelli R.I.P

Marco Simoncelli R.I.P

Italian motorcyclist Marco Simoncelli died in a horrific crash at MotoGP race in Malaysia, in full view of his devastated family and girlfriend.

The 24-year-old was flung from his bike and skidded across the track, before apparently being hit by competitors Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi.

His mother Rossella, father Paolo and girlfriend Kate watched in horror as Simoncelli's bike was smashed to pieces after his dramatic loss of control in the second lap. 

Simoncelli (centre) takes the first corner on his second lap moment
before the fatal crash at the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix

His mother Rossella, father Paolo and girlfriend Kate watched in horror as Simoncelli's bike was smashed to pieces after his dramatic loss of control in the second lap. 
They wept in shock as the unconscious rider was taken to the medical centre at the track in Sepang for treatment, but his injuries to the chest, head and neck were too serious for him to be saved.

Simoncelli's fellow Honda rider Dani Pedrosa, who had fallen out with Simoncelli earlier in the season, said: 'I've been with his father and all we could do was to hug, nothing else matters.
'Everybody in the paddock remains in shock. Many times we ourselves forget how dangerous this sport can be and when you lose people on the way nothing has any meaning. It's clear that we all do what we like, what we love, but on days like today nothing matters.'

Organisers cancelled the race soon after Simoncelli's accident and said in a bulletin reported on website Autosport: 'Race cancelled as the medical centre staff is focusing on treating Marco Simoncelli and track action cannot be resumed in the current circumstances.'
The rider was given CPR in the ambulance which continued for 45 minutes but Simoncelli was declared dead at 4.56pm local time.

Simoncelli loses control and is seen coming off the bike 

Simoncelli fatally falls off of his Honda after colliding into Colin Edwards

Edwards spins off the track along with Simoncelli's bike as the 24-year-old Italian devastatingly lies motionless

The rider (No 58) is seen sliding from his bike and colliding
with two other riders in a horrifying crash

Simonelli's mother Rossella is comforted outside the
medical centre after her son's fatal crash

Marco Simoncelli's father is comforted as he waits outside a medical centre where the rider was taken following a crash

Crew members of the Honda team of Marco Simoncelli of Italy console each other as they gather outside a medical centre

Simoncelli's girlfriend Kate walks through an empty
Honda garage after the shocking accidentThe last death in MotoGP came at the 2003 Japanese Grand Prix, when Japan's Daijiro Katoh died from his injuries.
Medical director at Clinica Mobile Dr Michele Macchiagodena said at a press conference yesterday that U.S. rider Edwards had suffered a dislocated shoulder in the crash but it had been reset and he was 'fine'.

When asked about Simoncelli's helmet coming off, race director Paul Butler said at the press conference: 'I think if I may reply, that will be for another occasion. Quite clearly the consequences and circumstances surrounding the accident will be thoroughly investigated.'

Simonelli's spare motorcycle sits in an empty garage after
the race was abandoned one lap in after his sudden death

Stunned fans wept after the brutal accident killed the MotoGP star

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